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This is the website that is called Darth Cricket. And there is actually a very simple, very (hopefully) normal reason for this. Cartoon crickets with lightsabers and dramatic cloaks are amazingly easy to doodle. So. There you go.

Our categories:

Writing: This features series of short stories focusing around three layabouts and 'fanfiction' (something that will never catch on, obviously) on such varied topics as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and...not much else. Because my Dragonball Z stories have been sent into the firey pits of HELL. Thank you.

Art: Strange beasts and Canadians who draw them.

Stuff: By this point of the html process, I've forgotten what other things I intended to put here. So they'll get shoved onto this. Livejournal icons, fanlistings and more.

That is all. Go pick something. Leave me alone.

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